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Upcoming Works coming this fall.

As you know, IOS Productions is Very busy at the Moment with some new productions and we hope to bring you more as the year progresses but we have alot of work on our hands, so here is what is hopefully coming up later this year. on this page, lists of what Projects are being made will be added here, also if their are any you would like to Suggest, please E-mail them to me, but only ONE per person please.

Stepney Get's Lost - Redub
coming very soon, just waiting for the last few liens form a few members form the TFF and Clearwater forums, this has been written and produced by myself and i have promised it will be a good production for IOS Studios.

Emily's New Coaches - Redub
Thomas is very excited when he meets a New Arrival Called Emily, she is the first Female steam engine sodor now has, and soon she is at work learning the line of sodor, she accidentally takes Annie and Clarabel along with her and makes Thomas Very upset, but soon she is more shocked when she sees Thomas heading towards a broken down oliver at the crossing.

The Worlds Strongest Engine - Redub
Cast has not yet been decided for this Redub, we are hoping that introduce other new vocies for this Particular Redub, if anybody is interested please ask nearer the time, this will not be mad efor a while as Scripts are still being written for this Episode.

Henry And The Elephant - Redub
Will have all the usual cast, including myself and some new voices for this redub, also will include a new music video whcih has not yet been decided on but when the time is nearer we will have chosen a sutable sound track for this episode.

Thomas And The Missing Christmas Tree - Audio Redub
Trustthomas65 is planning out an Audio Redub on the Thomas Fan Forums, this will be his first attempt at making an Audio Fandub with help from Fellow Members, and myself, and it promises to be very good.

Very Old Engines - Audio Redub
I plan to Make Very Old Engines into a Audio Redub with help from the Members on the TFF. it will consist of all 4 book stories with hopefully the old thomas them and some new voices, look out for this soon.

If you have any suggestions, please E-MAIL them to me, but only ONE Per Person please.

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