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Unmade Character profiles by myself.


Wilbert The Forest Engine is based on an J94 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Engine who lives on the Dean Forest Railway far Away in the Uk, He was borrowed for an Experiment to see if the Fat Controller would need a New Engine like him which in the end he did as Wilbert Proved to be a Very Reliable Engine to The Fat Controller and he knew that getting a New engine like Wilbert would be the best thing that sodor Ever Needed, see Wilbert is not only an Passenger Engine, but he also does Frieght like a Mixed Traffic Shunter, Basically it means he can pull both passengers and Freight at Different times.
Wilbert was Named after the Creator of The Railway Series The Rev.W.Awdry as seen on Wilbert's Nameplate at the end of the book Story Wired Up.


Sixteen is also a J94 Saddle Tank Engine who works on the other Railway, he doesn't work on the Dean Forest Railwlay but he has heard of it and is often a Troublemaker for other engines. Sixteen works in a Steelworks near a place called the Tip, this is where Waste and Other Materials are Dumped when they are not needed and Sixteen didn't like stopping at Danger Signs when he was told to, it sickend him and one day he caused a scene.

Sixteen rolled passed the Danger sign and felt the Embankment begin to Crumble beneath his wheels, it was to late to back away and he landed cab over wheels before settling on his side, Damaged and leaking Steam from all over, his Driver and Fireman told the Manager who then sold him to another Railway Company where he was mended and repainted into another livery, And he has not been heard of since.


Neil is an 0-4-0 Neilson Box Tank made for the Sodor and Midland Railway in the 1860's, he was also used to Help Skarloey off his boat at Kirkronan and then took him to his new home at Crovan's Gate many years ago, Skarloey thought he was an Ugly looking engine at first but soon they became good Friends, Neil has a Scottish accent and is kind to others and is No.2 in the line of the S&M Engines that were used to help build the Railway before the Fat Controller took over as head of the whole Railway. The Railway Used to belong to the NWR and back then engine like neil were always used for Passenger Trains, Buit as the years went on Neil Eventually was Gone and nothing has been heard of him, some say he Was Scrapped, But Skarloey thinks that he is in a good home being looked After.


Ivo Hugh is the Skarloey Railways Newest Engine, He Was Named After Mr Ivo Hugh who is the Skarloey Railway's Cheif Engineer and was Numbered 7 as the Seventh new engine to arrive on the Little Railway, Little is known about him since he had ony just been announced to the others at a Ceremony.


The Foreign Engine is a Stubborn British Railways Patriotic 4-6-0 From the Other Railway, he Thinks that he knows more about other Railways and thinks that he knows That London is Actually Euston, This Engine Argued With Duck and Gordon all night till he Left the next morning, he was Very cross with the Engines and was annoyed that they thought that London was Kingscross (Which it is) and Paddington (Also a Famous Station in London).
Foreign Engine has never been seen anywhere else apart from visiting sodor for 1 night, and he has only made a Breif appearance in the Story Gordon Goes Foreign.


Jinty and Pug are both From the Other Railway, Jinty is a Class 0-6-0 3F Tank Engine and Pug is a Class 0-4-0 pug. Both Engines came to visit Sodor and learn how to look after Coaches and Trucks in the yards, Thomas Showed off to Jinty about his ability to stop an inch from the buffers, but ended up Crashing into a bufferstop and Damaging himself, luckily he was mended intime to go to the Big City Far Away.
While They were on their Visit on Sodor, Percy also Spoke to 6 Jinty engines From the Other Railway and told them all about his Adventures, which they all liked Utill Henry Showed up.

The National Railway Museum Engines
Characters who also were Never Televised in the Tv Series Seasons


Green Arrow the National Railway Museums LNER class V2 Mixed Traffic Engine, Preserved forever as he is one pof the main attractions at the Museum. He is a kind and gentle engine and like his Brothers is a good puller and shunter, he used to pull passengers and Freight before he was Preserved at the Museum and now only on special tours is he ever seen out on the Main lines.
Green Arro is no.4771, like Flying Scotsman but shorter with wheel data 2-6-2 with a Six wheel tender, he has a big firebox and is Very fast, Thomas Met Green Arrow after his unsual arrival on the back of a flat Bed lorry and when he arrived found Green Arrow being Repaired, He was being redone so that he could go back out on a tour that was being Prepared and Thomas got to go with him.


Mallard No.4468 of the LNER is the worlds fastest engine for having a word speed Record of 251Miles Per Hour, this was Recoreded and he has been a very popular Exhibit at the museum and is very well lookd after by thew Crew, Mallrd is often stubborn and somtiems get's Grouchy, although he is from the LNER, he was once a dirty Green British Railway Engine without Valances and Wheel covers before he was painted back into LNER Garter Blue with Red Wheels and Steel Rims, He is a great Engine and longs to go out, he ahs been out a few tiems on Railtours and Openweekends, but longs for another good run out in the open.


Duchess of Hamilton Ex-LMS Duchess Coronation Class 4-6-2 was another Great Engine as seen at the National Railway Museum in york, she ran many miles and has often been out on Special occaisions, one of the first days she arrived she weas taken out on the mail,ine and ran Beautifully, nothing went wrong and she is still as she is today, a Great engine with a Spotless Record and never ahd any accidents or caused Trouble for the others.
She hopes that she will be able to pull the Railtours again soon, but When a chence came, they all thought the Green Arrow should have a turn at pulling it, and they were all happy then.
she is No. 46229 and is a Shiny Maroon Red with black wheels and BR Crest to her Tender, she loves her paint and it Sparkles in the sunlight, When visitors come, she is often chosen for people to board and the Recive a Certificate at the end, She loves this and feels ver important on open days. Still she likes the company of the Others and feels like a Really Useful Engine at the NRM.


Iron Duke is the National Railway Museums GWR Broad Gauge engine Designed and Built By Daniel Gooch in 1847. Gooch's locomotive could haul a large load at 60 mph (96 kph). The Iron Duke was shown at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and by 1855 Gooch had produced twenty-one locomotives in this style. Iron Duke line Runs From Swindon Works to London and Gloucester. The Works was actually Built in the Town and had Station situated on the London and Bristol Lines in 1835.
Iron Duke Was Chosen to run this line and has for many years been a top attraction at the NRM, Iron duke was often seen in Swindon;s town and many visitors were Welcomed by the sounds of an Engine chugging alon the Broad Gauge line, and gooch was pleased with the Results too, He is wise and knows just how to speak to a young engine, Thomas Was pleased to meet him and he was glad to meet thomas.


The Flying Scotsman No. 4472 is Sir Nigel Gresley's LNER Class A3 Pacific with Double Tenders is the worlds Fastest Engine after the Mallard. He Is part of the National Railway Museums collection of Great Steam Engines and is one of the finest Exmaples of Sir H.N. Gresley's Main Line pacifics, later painted into Br Burnswick Green and Renumbered to 60103, It is the greatest and finest Steam Engine that was Ever Built, it ran the london Padington to Edinburugh Trains many years ago and now is seen Standing on one of the Rounds of the NRM loco Roundhouse, Flying Scotsman Usually gets to go on days out and one of them was when The Fat Controller Brought him to sodor to Cheer up poor gordon after the others being mean about Tenders. They showed them and He Spent a few weeks with the others on Sodor before leaving for the other Railway.

Small Railway Engines


Mike is a Small Red Tender Engine class 2-8-2 from England, he works on the Arlesdale Railway on sodor and is often a hard worker and can somtiems be Stubborn and awkward to the others and Controllers, He has often been short Tempered and can be a bother but he does try hard to keep out of Trouble and often trouble seems to find him.
Once he was pulling a Trian along his line and a Bull was Blocking his way, He blew his whislte so hard that it shot up into the air and got lost, mike was Embarrased when the passengers had to Whistle for him at the whistles Signs. Mike Also had met a New engine Called Jock and made trouble for him too, he slowed down so that jock had to pull him and the Train togehter, but When broke down at the next station jock had to push him home with the train and Mike felt very silly about it, Even so, he is a kind engine and does tednt o play tricks on others. But the jokes on him when things go wrong


Rex is also a Small Railway Engine, He is Green With Arlesdale Written across his Tender and loves to Work on the small controllers Railway, he is a 2-8-2 Tender engine like Rex and loves his job, he never get's into trouble with the Small controller and is always keen on getting his Jobs done on time, He has had 2 Accidents on the Railway, his first was with Willies Tractor spilling the loads on the Rails and he crashed into them, and the Second when he broke down near the loop and had to go to be Mended at the Workshops.
Rex and His Friends Mike, Frank and Bert Met A New Engine called Jock, they didn't think much of him at first, but the grew to enjoy living with him. Rex was pleased when Jock came to help them out and has done ever since.


Bert is the Small Railway's 0-8-2 Tender Engine, he is Blue like Gordon and Edward with Red stipes and has Arlesdale Written across his Tender Also, all 3 engiens mike Rex and Bert a from the Same Railway in england and were bought to Sodor for Helping to Collect Ballast from the hills as it is a good Fertaliser, The Ballast was colelct from hills and then taken to the small Engiens Station where duck would go and colect it from thier Chute, Bert has often been a bit of a bossy Boiler and doesn't mena to in some cases, he means well and does often get himself into trouble with others, he was Splashed by Reverend Bostons car and Broke his Tender Coupling which had to be mended with Glue, He didn't like it but it was the only stuff that was available. Bert likes Working with passengers, but doesn't like being called Names by the others.


Jock is the Newest Engine on the Arlesdale Railway, he was built on Sodor and has passed all the Tests that were set for him, he is a 2-6-2 tender engine with a Square Dome, Square cab windows and a yellowish Green paintwork with Arlesdale written across his Tender, he works ahrd and somtiems get's picked on by the others, Jock first had trouble with Mike when he was asked to help Mike with his Passengers, and mike and his driver made everything hard for Jock by holding back on the train and making Jock Struggle hard to pull it, but soon the joke was on Mike after he Broke down and Jock had to push him home along with his Train.
Soon He Became Great Friends with all the Engines and is a very useful engine indeed.


Frank is a Diesel Engine who works on the Arlesdale Railway with His friends Mike, Rex, Bert and Jock, all work happily together and somtimes Frank feels left out of the Engines lives even though he works with them. Frank had an Accident in the shed after he jerked backwards and crashed the support beam which the controller then scolded him and sent him away to work.
Frank after being Scolded Resuced Rex and was forgiven for the Accident and went to work away from the Railway for a few days, After Jock arrived Frank came back and they all became great friends with each other.


The main characters based in this book are Engines Godred (1) Lord Harry (6) and Culdee (4), they Stories told how Godred's accident changed him, how Culdee was sent to Be Mended and how a Rude Engine Named Lord Harry got The Name Patrick.


Godred is the CuldeeFell Railways No.1, he is Called Godred becuase he was named after a King and feels very important, he is somtimes stuck up about his work and thinks he knows all about Safety when in fact his arrogance cost him his life on the Railway after he rolled down the hill and Fell into the Mountains Ravine, He Was Smased up and Some Say his parts were used to fix the other engines, Althoug he is no.1 on the railway he does a good job of his work and often is keen to getting things done his own was, but if he had been more Safer, he wouldn't have ended up Crashing like he did.
There was a loss of one man's life after the unfortunant accident, the man who was on Godred's Train had fallen out of the coach and hit his head on a Rock close to the line, he suffered Servere Injuries to his head and Sadly passed away a few days after, the railway is more safer now, but in all he should ahve been more careful coming down.


Ernest is No.2 on the CuldeFell Mountain Railway, Not Much is known about him, though he was only seen Breifly in the Shed after Lord Harry's Accident on some points, Ernest is the same shape as culdee but we have never seen his face, all the engines faces looke fthe Same except Lord Harry's, But Ernest was not see working in the book.
Although He missed Culdee when he was sent to the Works to be Mended, he is a kind Engine and does try to keep his work going on time and likes to be on time in doing so. Ernest And Wilfred often work along side each other, but still like to tend to their own works and make sure that the passengers are on time and happy.


Wilfred is The CuldeeFell Railways No.3 Engine, He loves his work more than anything else and feels very useful to The Railway Owner Lord Harry Barrane, Wilfred missed Culdee alot when he was Sent away to Be Mended, and he tried hard to work but was wondering if Culdee would Ever Return to the Railway, When he did it Made Wilfred work harder than ever before and the two friends talked endlessly about his journey to Switzerland's Workshops.
Wilfred was blocked in his tracks after an accident with a New engine called Lord Harry, Wilfred was stuck all night till the lines was cleared and the passengers said whjat a Bad Railway, it was all becuase of the New Engine not being Careful or listening to the Engines Warnings about Being a Bad look-Out


Culdee is the CuldeeFell Railways No.4 Engine and finally has Returned from the Works in Switzerland, he is happy to be home and has missed his Friends and his coach very much when he was over across the Continental Countries, It Took along time for him to be Repaired and operational again, but he is Proud to be back on The Mountain Railway.
He Tried to warn Godred about being Carefull when coming down the hills but he took no notice, and Resulted in the Accident he had in the Mountain Ravines, He told the Skarloey Railway Engines the Story that his parts were used to mend them and himself and that godred had nothing left of him. But the truth is he made the Story up and the little engines belived it, Except Skarloey and Rheneas, the Story was told to scare Duncan and Sir Handel and teach them not to be Careless on the Railway.


Lord Harry is The CuldeeFell Railway's No.6 Engine, he was brought in while Culdee was away being Mended, he is rude and not pleant to be with, he often causes trouble on the railway and has caused Confusion on Lord Harry Barranes Railway, Lord Harry was actually named after the Railway owner and doesn't treat his coach with Respect at all, he bumps it, shunts and shakes and Scares all his Passengers with his rough rolling up and down the Mountain.
one day he was bustling about and went to turn around but Derailed at the points blocking the Departure line and causing all trains to be delayed, he was furious and was then sent to be mended, After his accident the owner took away his name and he was then reffered to as No.6, but when he proved he was a good engine and Rescued some injured Climbers, he was Named Patrick, Patrick was the Name of the Climber at the hospital who then came to Thank and visit him at his Railway.  
And The CuldeeFell Railway's Engine No.5 Shane Dooiney, he was not in the book becuase When Culdee had Returned after his long trip from Switzerland, it was No.5's turn to go to be Mended and he missed out his oppertunity to be in the Story, so while he was Away, He was forgotten but Mentioned By Culdee to the others. and While All what was Happening on the Mountian Railway was going on, Shane Dooiney was Crossing the Continent to Switzerland Works unaware of what was going on back home.
Engines 1, 5, 7 and 8 are no Longer running on the CuldeeFell Railway, Neither are their counterparts at the Snowdon Mountain Railway, but they will not Be forgotten.



The Works Diesel is a class 50 Engine who is known to live at the works, thus the Name the Works Diesel, He is a Friendly and Helpful diesel engine and has not been seen often.
He came to James Rescue after his Tank Froze over and was then taken to the Works where diesel helped him into the Works sheds so the men could fix his problem, James likes this diesel althoug nobody apart from James has Ever seen his face.


Diesel 199 (SpamCan) is a very Rude and Awkward Diesel, He is Blue and lives on the Other Railway in the British Mainlands, He is a Peak Class 44 Diesel Engine and likes most Diesels is not an engine you would want to be Friends with. He Came to sodor to prove that Steam Engines are Worthless Compared to him and the other Diesels he lives with and When the hissed at him, He Was furious, Soon he was Working trains on the mainline and broke down at the Crossing and Henry had to Help him Home with His Train, and After Being Threatend by the Signal Man with a Can opener, 199 said nothing for thr rest of the day.


Bear, Diesel 3 (7101) is the also from the Other Railway on the British Mainland, he is a Class 35 Hymek Diesel who arrived at the Same time as 199 when they both came to work on sodor for a few days, 7101 was Furious at 199 after he was rude to the Sodor Engines and tried his hardest to make him keep Quiet while they were visiting the Island, but 199 was still being rude and awkward.

7101 was pulling a passenger express train on the afternoon that 199 brokedown and was recovered by Henry, Henry had no idea what was about to happen with 7101, and unknown to 7101 his Ejector Failed and he came to a complete stop, so Henry had to Rescue both Diesels and take them to the big Station where Flying Scotsman took their train away, Henry and 7101 that evening went to the works together and 7101 was Repainted into a nice Dark Green with D3 painted on him, he is now sodor No.3 Diesel Engine in the books but has never been seen on the TV.


Diesel 40125 "Old Stuck Up" is A Peak Class 44 Diesel Engine from the Other Railway on the British Mainland, He came to sodor to work for a few days and often was Trouble, he complained about Sleeping with the Sodor Engines in the Same Shed and not having much attention and this made all the Engines Including Bear and Boco very Cross with him, but he didn't care, he was Very lazy and didn't do anything for the last few days before it was Time for him to leave for his home.
but he forgot he would need Cleaning and Refuling before he left, so while all the engines were gone he slipped over to the Depot and went to stop but slipped on a huge patch of oil on the Rails and Crashed into the wall at the back of the shed, he was not hurt, but he left a huge gap in the wall which made all the engines cold at night.


Philippa (Short for Pip) and Emma are both Intercity 125 Diesel Engines From the British Mainlands, They are both Intercity Blue and are the Fastest High-Speed Trains Ever Built for Express passenger duties. They arrived on Sodor after Gordon was away taking a Special at Carlisle, The Trouble was that Pip's cooling system was faulty and often caused alot of problems for the both of them.
James who ahd been busy that after noon was the first to hear about them and was soon to the rescue, the Engines apologised and James gladly took them home to the sheds, Both Pip and Emma thanked all the engines for their help and the engines took an instant liking to these Diesels, they were not like any other Diesel that had visited often.



Bluebell and Primrose Are Twin Tank Engines who live on the Bluebell Railway in England, Bluebell is No.323 and Primrose is No.27, they are both Cheeful and love to pull passengers up and down their line. The two engines both have SE&CR written on their Tanks to show that they were built on the Bluebell Railway many years ago.


Adam's is a LSWR Radial Tank Engine Built in 1919 for hauling goods in the First World War, No.488 is currently awaiting Major boiler work before it can Return to steam again, but it can be seen on Static Display at the Bluebell Railway along with Other Egines thta are Currently on Static display, No.488 is now going to have a Complete new Boiler Barrel before it will be able to Steam again and the Bluebell Railway has not Said an Exact Date that they hope it can be Back in Steam for, but i will probably take Several Years to get it 100% Functioanl again.


Cromford No.2650 is a LNWR 0-6-0 Goods Tank Engine who lives on the Bluebell Railway, He was built in 1880 for Shunting Trucks and pulling light Passenger Trains up and down Derbyshire in Devon, He is currently on Loan to Barrow Hill Engine Sheds, he is Expected to be Back this Year for Returning to work as normal, he was placed on loan to Barrow Hill in 1999 and will be Arriving back later this Year.


Captain Baxter was Built By Fletcher Jennings in 1877, he is an 0-4-0 Dorking Greystone Lime Company Engine and often pulls Freight on the Bluebell Railway, Captain Baxter No.3 arrived at the Bluebell in 1960 after spending its working life at the Dorking Greystone Lime Works at Betchworth station. It was only in 1982 that it returned to traffic after a comprehensive overhaul. The Engine had it's Last major overhaul in 1990 and is Expected to have anothe rMajor overhaul with a Certificate to last Ten Years longer, They are looking to appoint the restoration team who recently Finished Restoring the A1x Terrier Fenchurch.



Toby has actually got 2 other brothers who are LNER J70 Tram like him, they were seen in the book Story Toby's Seaside Trip which Mr George Behrend supplied the awdry's with where Toby and his Brothers were based in thye book many years ago before coming to Sodor. It was there that Toby was actually known to work at a Harbour before going to having his own Coach called Henrietta.
Toby is now Old and his brothers have not been heard of, he is hoping that they have beren either preserverd or saved from the clutches of the scrap dealers on the other Railway.


This Poor Engine was left struggling with his heavy train, he leaked steam all over and felt very unhappy, he is known as the Goods Engine to others, he wasn't really given a name but he is younger than toby and is very old looking, he works hard but has alot of problems to dela with, he can't steam well and as seen in Toby's Seaside Trip, he failed to pull his train but told toby all about the Festival he was going to.
Th engine was from the London & North Eastern Railway and hopefully was going to be fixed up and able to haul his trains again, but nothing has been heard of him since.


Royal Clauds, No 8783 is a Royal Engine from the LNER who worked alongside toby back on his old railway, the Engine was never really mentioned, just pictured in a book, his name is not known, but Browsing for him on the Search engiens i found that he is actually a Royal Locomotive that puleld teak coaches and had his own line.
Most of the LNER Engines like this were great Examples of working class 4-4-0 engines like Edward, the Design looks like Edward, but it isn't.

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