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How to submit contents to the site.

Submitting Media Files
Redubs/Music Videos:
1. make sure that your content has been hosted, this site is mostly built up of pictures, and since webspace is a problem, all media like redubs and other media files will need to be hosted elsewhere before they can be added to the site.
2. Make sure host is suitable, for Example: Tripod Free Hosting Service.
3. check that file uploads fully, any files that are only half of the way uploaded cannot be submitted to the site.
4. make sure that link works after uploading it to your selected host, if link is broken it may not work and will not be added to the site.
Thomas Fan-Fictions:
1. Check all spelling and Grammer before sending you Fan-fiction to me via e-mail, also make sure that story is either Happy, Sad, Emotional, Scary, Adventurous e.t.c.
2. Make sure that the characters you introduce do not already have names that have been used already for current Characters, they all must be your own names and Engine.
Send all links and Written Fan-fictions to

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