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NRS Created By D. Snell

Back in 2004 i had the idea of creating my own RS, but make up my own stories and new characters to fit in with it. i was going to post it in a New Railway Series board for Upcoming Volumes and then add them to the boards Library below, but due to not being allowed to do so even though it was my idea anyways, i decided to create a page for it here and make links to the Fan-Fictions.
Below are some characters which i made and introduced into my stories, others are always welcome to make up some stories too, but they must be like the Original awdry volumes and all spelling must be checked before Submission to the site.
Below are the characters that were introduced into the NRS and made by me, more are welcome to be added if you are going to write a volume.
Ernie the Atlantic Engine
Dan The GWR Castle Clas Engine
Alicia the Princess Coronation Class Engine
Garath the LMS Standard 4 Tank Engine
Phill and Jill the J94 Saddletank Engines
Nigel the Yellow A4 Streamliner
Brian The Rebuilt Merchant Navy
More Coming Soon as the Volumes are written.

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