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Profiles by myself.


Thomas The Tank Engine was brought for the building of Sodor Railway many years ago and never really got to see much in his days as a young engine, he was always shunting for the bigger engines, and longed to come out of the station yards and see what the world was really like. his chance came after a few months when he was to pull the Express for Henry when he was ill, and failed by leaving the train behind back at the station, but the passengers forgave him for that. Thomas is very happy now, he works with his Friends Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Percy at the station and are always busy with passengers and Freight duties.


Edward The Blue Engine is based on an LNER D40 class 4-4-0 tender engine, Edward is old and is known to the others as a Back Engine, Edward was bought to sodor for Helping to build the Railway with Thomas many years ago, he has his own line which Runs from a station called Wellsworth onto a beautiful Branchline far across sodor and ends and Brendam Docks, Edward is a kind and Gentle engine and has never Had Problems with Trucks or coaches, the Trucks like edward becuase he doesn't bash them about like all the other engines do. Edward can often be seen Helping Gordon up the hill with His Express trains and often is seen Shunting in Wellsworth yards and Brendam Docks.


Henry The Green Engine Is sodor's No.3 Engine, he was bought to help with the Building of Sodor many years ago with Thomas and Edward, There were many things wrong with Henry, He has often been known to be accident prone and very unwell in some cases. Our First discovery about Henry was When the Fat Controller Ordered an Atlantic Engine from the other Railway, What he Recived was an Experimental LNER A3 Gone Wrong, Poor Henry was not happy at first, he had a Small fireboc whcih Couldn't makle very much Steam and made his trains seem heavier to him, The Issues were in the Gresley Blue Prints of the LNER A3's, Henry was actually a Remake of an LNER A3, but it had gone wrong. In The End he had an Accident and was Sent to Crewe where he was Rebuilt into an LMS 4-6-0 and could make better Steam and had a Larger Firebox fitted.


Gordon The Big Blue Engine is a very powerful and heavy Express Engine, he pulls all the passenger trains on Sodor and has loved doing so since Day 1 when he first arrived after the Railway was Completed, Gordon is high Spirited and loves to somtimes show off infront of the other engines.
Gordon is based on an LNER A3 like the Flying Scotsman, the world Famous Steam locomotive of the NRM in York, gordon and his Doncaster Brothers are the soul Survivors of the LNER, and have been ever since. Gordon had 2 accidents on Sodor, his first one was on Edwards hill with his silly Trucks and the second after he Ran off the Rails into a dirty Smelly Ditch.


James The Red Engine is a Somtimes Respectful engine and somtiems just plain silly, he tries his best to keep out of Trobule and often causes alot of trouble in the yards with Trucks, James is based on an LMS Mogul and is a mixed Traffic engine (Meaning he can pull both Passngers and Frieght at Different Times) He mostly Works Freight on Sodor as it was what he was Designed for, James arrived After Gordon when the Railway was Completed and began working with Thomas and the other 4 Engines, he was always getting into trouble with the Fat Controller, first a bootlace for his broken brakepipe on his passenger train, Then having to deal with Troublesome Trucks and after that Crashing into Tar Wagons with a Runaway goods train.
James tries to prove he can do just as good as any of the others, and when he tries to prove himself to the others, all they do is cause trouble, and somtimes the jokes on them.


Percy the Saddle Tank Engine is the sixth Engine to arrive on Sodor for Helping with Passengers and Freight in the yards. Percy is cheeky to the other engines and he can sometimes be very silly, in some cases he too is Accident Prone and tries to prevent accidents from Happening to him, but the tables always turn around and fate is always around the bend for Percy.
After meeting all the engines and gving Henry a Scare, he made Friends with them and soon was bust shuntin g and pulling traisn to and from station on Sodor, Percy often works with Trucks in Quarry's and Harbours, Brendam Docks is usually where percy is seen working and delivering goods to and From, he doesn't like being called names and is always keen to get his own back.


Toby The Steam Tram Engine used to work on the other Railway, On one of The Fat Controllers holidays to the other Railway, he spotted Toby with His Wife and Grandchildren pulling Trucks from Farms and Stations across his old Railway, Toby is Number 7 on his line and looks like The LNER J70, Toby is actually based on one of these and has a coach called Henrietta, She Carries Toby's Passengers on long Journeys, The months past and Toby's line soon closed, but STH sent a letter asking them to come and live with his engiens on Sodor, he did so and made his first Rescue when James Crashed into Some Tar Wagons on Edwards line.
Toby was a fine Example of a Working Tram Engine and get's along with Other very well, Somtimes.


Duck The GWR Engine was Originally from England and used to work London Paddington, he was very clever and often visited other Railways too on his Travels, he is the 8th Engine to arrive on Sodor and was Bought to help Percy run his Trains on time and keep things in oreder for the Fat Controller, Ducks' Original Number was 5741 but later he was given the number 8 and felt proud to be part of a Growing new Railway, He and Thomas often worked together and then he began working with the other engines, at first the others teased him and then they got a taste of their own Medicine after Duck and Percy blocked the points at the Sheds so the bigger engiens couldn't get in.
Soon he met Diesel and he caused alot or Trouble, duck had to laugh but was then sent away for a few days to work with Edward at Wellsworth, Ducks new line is called the Lillte Western Branchline which runs past a Beautiful duck pond and often he visits to see how things are.


Doanld and Douglas are both scottish twins from England, they are sometimes very predictable and often cause trouble on sodor, When they first arrived on Sodor, the Fat Controller was Expecting a British Railway J15 Goods Engine No. 57646, what he found was that Engine No. 57647 had also arrived with 57646, and they had both apprantly lost their numbers on the way to Sodor, The Fat Controller knew that it had been on Purpose and the twins wondered what would become of them, so the Fat Controller Decided to have Numbers painted on Them, Donald was Engine 9 and Douglas 10, But the Fat Controller, now knowing the engines numbers, was still planning to send one of them home, but which he didn't know,  He sne them to work with Duck in the Yards and they began working easily, untill Thomas arrived with a Special coah one day and Donald Lost it by Accidentally shuntin git with The Rest of the coaches in the yards, donald wasn't supposed to have been at thew yards, but TFC soon found out.


Oliver The Great Western Engine was Originally From the Other Railway, Somewhere in northdevon, he had been working Auto Trains with His coach Isabel and his brakevan Toad, Oliver is No.11 on sodor but his Original number on the other railway was 1420 because he was a mainland Railway engine and had been working al his time with his coach and Brakevan, the manager decided to start Bringin in Diesels and Scrapped all steam, including poor Oliver.
For Years Oliver was left rotting in the sidings of the scrapyards and soon he tried to Escape but failed and eventually found one of Sodor's engines working their that noght, and his luck soon changed, douglas Rescued Oliver and soon he was Restored witn new pain matching Duck's, a new number and a new Crest and his Coach and Brakevan were also given great new colours which they all enjoyed


Bill and Ben are Both Brendam Bay Tank Engine Twins, they both work in the Quarrys and China Clay Works on Sodor and love to cause mishief somtimes to the other Engines. They are both hard workers and love to have fun with the Trucks by bumping them and spilling loads all over the place, They now work at Centre Island Quarry and have often Be Friended Some New Engines, First they met Boco after he took their Trucks by Accident, then they met Salty and then Fergus.
Bill and Ben Thought that Fergus was a big Fusspot and decided to cause him trouble, which in the end they did after they caused a big Rockslide which covered Fergus to the top of his funnel. The Twisn used to have Numbers on them Bill was No.1 and Ben was No.2, but now they don't have them.


Boco is a Diesel Electric Type 2 From the British Mainlands, he was bought from the Other Railway and used to help with Freight duties, He helped Bill and Ben in the Quarry and he is Also a good Friend of Edward. Boco is a very kind hard working engine, he never let's anything get in his way and knows how to speak to an engine properly.
He once warned James about Bees at the Station but he took no notice and Boco then Rescued a new Diesel called Derek who had very bad Teething Troubles, Like most Diesels, Boco is the Nicest one on the whole island, and although nobody knows where he is now, he is still a great Friend of all the Engines on Sodor.


Daisy is a Diesel Railcar who came to Stand in for Thomas after he crashed into the Stationmaster's House, she is Awkward somtimes and can be quite stern about things, she is often a hard worker but somtiems likes to think she doesn't need to do anything on sodor.
One time she was to take Thomas's passengers and found that Toby ahd coupled a Milk Tanker to her which made her furious and she shuddered violantly until she blew a fuse and stopped completly, She argued with everybody about it and in the end won the disagreement. she can be arrogant to others in some occaisons, but thinks that Toby is just a Fussy Engine, but she does usually get into trouble with The Fat Controller.


Mavis is a Young Diesel Engine who works at Centre Island Quarry, she has Six Small Wheels hidden by side plates just like toby and is full of her own ideas , She used to work at Ffarquhar Quarry and Was always Rearranging Toby's Trucks into different places everyday and made toby very cross indeed, she often would try to go Beyond the Level Crossing and further down the line without anybody knowing and she got herself into alot of trouble for doing so.
she got stuck in a Farm lane when it was all muddy and frozen and got into trouble with a Farmer and her Driver, Toby came to her Rescue and she went back to working the Sidings putting trucks into their proper places, But she rescued toby after his accident on an old Bridge and got to go to TFC's line after all.


Derek is a Paxman Diesel Engine From the Works, he is New and keen to make an Impression to the other engines, he is a very kind engine and want's to be a good worker to The Fat Controller, but he can't seem to do it becuase of his Bad Teething Troubles that strike at the blink of an eye whenever he tries to help the engines, his first encounter with Teething Troubles was on Gordon's hill when he Struggled up and felt himself being held back, Eventually he wheel spun and then Brokedown and was then rescued by Boco. The Next time they struck was when he was To help Bill and Ben with a Heavy load that needed to go to the docks, They were only halfway out of the Quarry when the Teething Troubles struck again and caused him to fail, leaving kind bill and Ben to pull him along with the train.


Arry and Bert are both Sodor Iron Works Diesel Shunters, they are both Olive Green and Yellow and are known to the Engines as "The Grim Messangers Of Doom". Like all Diesels Arry and Bert want nothing more than to Scrap all Steam on the Island and tried to Scrap poor Oliver and Stepney when they were sent away from the Other Railway.
Luckily they have not been able to scrap another engine since and have been seen working out in the open for the first time, allthough they are Diesels, it was a first time for the engines to see them out in the open, and they caused Percy and James alot of bother by making them both "Middle Engines". Later they were trying to Scrap Fergus and then they started to scare Thomas and Emily on Halloween by making Scary noises and making trucks Jerk back and forth


Salty is a Ruston and Hornsby class 07 Dockyard Diesel Engine from the Other Railway, he is an old Sea lover and loves Everything about the sea, He is a Rust Red Colour with a Square Grubby Weather Beaten face, Cheerful and Jolly about his work because he works at Brendam Docks and always talks endlessly about his Adventures, Salty has seen many wonderful places and travelled all over the countries working and telling great stories which send the engines to sleep.
Salty works with his new Friends Thomas and percy at the Docks and somtimes annoys Cranky with his Stories whcih keep him awake all night, Cranky caused an accidrnt wheich trapped Salty once along with Bill and Ben, And When Rescued Salty started talking again.


Harvey Is a Crane Tank Engine who arrived from the Other Railway a while ago and ever since he arrived has loved working on his new home on the Island Of Sodor. Harvey is happy working alongside the other Engines and feels really useful to TFC.
When he first arrived, all the engines made fun of him because he has a Crane fitted onto his Tank and they called him "Cranky On wheels". Poor Harvey was upset and wanted to go back home to his old Railway where he was liked for having a Crane on his Tank, but TFC changed his mind after he was asked  to Rescue Percy at Bulgy's bridge, after Rescuing Percy, Harvey had passed the Demonstration and joined the Railway, Harvey is happier than ever because his home now on sodor is The Sodor Waterworks


Arthur is the Largest Tank Engine Sodor has Ever Seen, He was Bought from the LMS to Shunt Trucks and Pull Freight on the Fat Controllers Railway and Has a Spotless Record of not being Naughty or Causing Any Trouble, but Thomas was jealous of this and tricked Arthur into telling the trucks to stop singing, he did and it all ended in disaster, Thanks to Thomas, Arthur's Spotless Record was ruined, but Thomas Confessed to telling Arthur what to do when the Fat Controller spoke to him. After the mess, Arthur's Spotless Record was amended and the two engines became great friends


Fergus is an Aveling & Porter Railway Traction Engine Class 2-2-0, he is Blue with Red Wheels and a very tall funnel like Trevor, Fergus has been said to have worked all over sodor but has not really been noticed in any of the other stories, He is Cheerful and tried hard to keep everything in order, He knows Every Rule of the Railway by heart and follows all of them.
Fergus is not keen on Diesels, When the Fat Controller Asked Diesel to help Fergus at the Cement Works he was careless and made a mess of things, Fergus tells all Engines who break the rules to "Do It Right!" but they always fight back and cause even more trouble. Fergus hopes that eventually all Engines on sodor will work by the rules and try an do things properly, he does try hard to work with them, but i think really he would rather work alone.


Emily is a Beautiful Stirling Single 4-2-2 Tender Engine who lives on the Island Of Sodor after being Bought from the Other Railway, she is Perfect for passenger duties and has now got her own 2 coaches, who are unnamed but are also beautiful and match her Emerald Green Paintwork with Gold Stripes and Brass Dome. She has 2 Huge wheels and has got good Traction on the rails, but she isn't very fast like the others, she can go quite fast but not as Fast as Gordon.
Emily was to pull the Express while Gordon was showing the New Mayor of Sodor around the Island and Failed when she Ran out of water, This caused confusion and Delay and made the Fat Controller very cross with Her. She isn't a bad engine but she is still learning her way around, she likes pulling passengers and doesn't always prefer to pull trucks.


Murdoch is the Longest Frieght Engine on The Island Of Sodor, he has Ten Drive wheels and can haul long distance trains to and from sodor and the Mainlands, The Fat Controller bought him in to help Henry with Heavy Goods trains at Brendam Docks and when he arrived was very pleased, He is an Orange/Yellow Colour with Smoke Deflectors to divert the smoke out of his face. Murdoch is mighty and shy somtiems, but preferes the sound of Peace and Quiet.



Devious Diesel is the Meanest and Rudest Diesel Engine who ever visited Sodor, Nobody knows why the Fat Controller keeps bringing him back, Maybe its because the Fat Controller wants to see if he will change his ways, When he first arrived on the Island he was mean to Duck and caused a great deal of Damage to some trucks in the yards, Duck laughed at Diesels attempts to prove he is better, but then Diesel told lies about Duck and the Fat Controller Sent him away to work with Edward for a day, and after that Dieselw as found out and Sent away.
but he keeps coming back for more Trouble and makes the island of Sodor a Very unhappy place to work.


Stepney The Bluebell Engine Was Rescued from the Scrapyards by Rusty and Restored into his Bluebell Railway livery, he is Engine No.55 on his railway and is proud to be one of the Bluebells of England, His line is based in Devon and runs close to Rusty's little Railway, Stepney enjoyed Visiting the Island Of Sodor and meeting all of the Fat Controllers Engines.
Stepney loves the bluebells and he loves pulling his small passenger trains up and down his Beautiful Bluebell Railway, He has made some new Friends on his Railway and often visits Sodor to occasionally help Edward on the New Loop Line.


Spencer The Silver Bullet Engine Lives on the British Mainland Railway known to the other Engiens as the Other Railway, Spencer is the Duke and Duchess of Boxfords Private Engine and is based on the Real Engine Sir Nigel Gresly, Spencer was Desinged and Built by Sir H.N.Gresley and is the Fastest Engine in the world, but when he first arrived on Sodor he was too big for his wheels and ran out of water on his way to the party that was being held for him, Gordon however seeing Spencer as being a big silver showoff came to his Rescue and Saved him from Even more embarrasment.


The Diesel 261 is a very Snooty and Arrogant Diesel Engine, he is a Class 37 from the Other Railway, He thinks that being large means he can say what he likes to offend anybody, but this didn't Work with Sodor's Reliable Engines. Diesel was Supposed to pull the Express to the big Station and In an Act to show off in front of Duck and Stepney on his last day, He sucked the Bowler hat into his air intake and Broke down shaking and spluttering, this made him Furious and made the Fat Controller very annoyed.
Diesel after the days events left for home, he said goodbye to no one but left too things behind, a Rather Nasty smell and a Battered Bowler Hatt!.


City Of Truro No.3440 of the Great Western Railway was the first Real Engine to Make it to the Island Of Sodor and meet all the Engines, although nobody ever saw his Face he enjoyed Talking to all the Engines and one day Began Talking to Duck about his Famous Run From Plymouth to Bristol That took palce more than fifty years ago. Duck was pleased and Couldn't Stop Talking about the engine, He and Flying Scotsman Are part of the National Railway Museums Collection of Wonderful Locomotives from the 1830's to the 1970's.
City Of Truro's speed was unfortunantly never Recorded on the Day ha reaches 102.5 m.p.h and Celebrated last year on the same day the Unrecorded Record took palce.



Duke is the Oldest Engine on the whole Railway, he was named after his Grace The Duke Of Sodor and has been working all his life on the little Railway, the other engines call him Granpuff but he doesn't mind Duke thinks they are all little Scaliwags when they try to get the better of him, but they never do.
Duke is the Pride of the Skarloey Railway and used to live on the Mid-Sodor railay but sadly the railway closed and he was shut up in a shed for many years, but by Accident he was found by a group of men who wanted to make him happy again.


Skarloey is No.1 on his Railway, it was Named after him becuase he and his old Friend Rheneas were the very first little engines to arrive on sodor many years ago after the railway was completed, they were both built at the same time by Fletcher Jenings & Co. and for many years have been loyal engines to The Fat Controller.
When Skarloey first arrived, he never had a Cab, and he didn't have a set of bogie wheels behind his four Drive Wheels, he used to be an 0-4-0 untill the manager sent him into the workshops, now he is an 0-4-2 Saddle Tank Engine


Rheneas is No.2 on the Skarloey Railway, he alsao has a Twin called Dolgoch who works on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, they were both built at the same time and sent away from each other to work on the different Railways. Rheneas was Designed and built by Fletcher Jennings & Co in England.
Rheneas is a Gallant Old Engine who managed to keep the Railway form closing down, he struggled on one valve to get his train safely home and in all the struggle he had saved the railway from becoming scrap. He is a joyfull little engine who loves his work and often works at the slatemines with his friends, but somtimes he is unhappy about different things and does tend to be moody.


Sir Handel (Falcon) is No.3 on the Skarloey Railway, he is often bad and somtimes causes alot of trouble for the Fat Controller's Engines, he is a good Engine but can be arrogant about his work and the jobs he is given. He used to be called Falcon till he was sold and then Re-named to Sir Handel on his New home. He tackled a Steamroller and had an accident with it, on his old Railway he nearly Fell down the mountain, and when he first worked on his new railway he came off the rails twice.
Sir Handel has not been seen around the railway since season 4, everybody wonders where he is now, but they are sure he will be coming back.


Peter Sam (Stuart) is No.4 on the Skarloey Railway, he is often a good engine and loves to work with passengers and Trucks, he is green and loves his jobs more than anything else on the Railway. He had to have a New Funnel after some trucks Crashed into him Mistaking him for Sir Handel, His new funnel has Special tubes which make puffing much easier for him, and he loves it.
Peter Sam likes being Responsible, Reliable and Really Useful to the Fat Controller and often works hard to get his tasks done.


Rusty is No,5 on the Skarloey Railway, He is an Orange 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter who helps to mend the Fat Controllers Railway, he cleares lines and often works at the quarry with Skarloey and Rheneas. but somtimes there is other Important work that Rusty needs to do and this makes him late to doing other work for the Fat Controller, as much as he likes Helping his Friends, his job is more important as the Fat Controller would say to him.
Rusty had a ahrd time with Duncan before and wasn't going to help him till Skarloey told him how silly he was being by not helping him, after that they became good Friends and rusty rescued an engine called Stepney from the Scrapyards


Duncan is Engine No.6 on the Skarloey Railway, he always causes alot of Trouble for the others and is always showing off to the other engines, he makes life difficult on the skarloey railway, all the Accidents he has aused and not really been sorry for, you would have though he would try to be a better engine even if he is from Another Railway.
Since he first arrived he has been Rude, Arrogant and Very Disrespectful towards the other engines, Rusty and Skarloey often wish he would changes his ways and become a better engine, he has broken most of the rules and disobeyed them, and still he is making more and more trouble.


Bertrum is an Old Warrior as many say, none of the other engines apart from Toby have met him and he looks just like Duke but is a Dark Brown and is based on the Ffestionog Railways 0-4-0 Tender Engine "Prince".
Bertrum is a Kind Old Engine, he was first discovered in a old mine where the big and little engines used to work many years ago, now it looks like an Engine Graveyard. but after being Discovered near the Old Castle, it was soon Restored into a old Working mine where visitors could come and visit him.


Smudger was a big show off, he rolled roughly and often came of the rails, and caused confusion and Delay, the engine looks just like Rheneas and Dolgoch but apparantly had came from America.
Not that it looks like an american engine, but this Design was actually based in the UK, unless he was never heard of and built at the Exact same time as Skarloey and Rheneas, and was Sent to America, but came over to Sodor to Work for a Few Days before being allowed to live with the Engines, and then got Turned into a Generator after he broke all the rules.



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