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60th Anniversarry of Thomas

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The Railway Series 60th Anniversarry page.

For 60 glorious years, Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends have made Children all over the world very happy and Entertained, He has been Puffing up and down his Branchline for all these years and to this day is still going on, The Railway Series Created By Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry was a Very Sucessful series indeed, His first book on how the Series began was titled "The Three Railway Engines" which was published in 1945 and was the first book ever made, This told the Stories about Edward a Small Blue Tender Engine, Gordon The Big Blue Express Engine and Henry The Green Engine and how they became great friends. Thomas The Tank Engine came into the Railway series in 1946 and had a book all to himself about how he met Gordon and got into Trouble with him and met loads of other Characters from the first published book, Gradully the Railway Series built up and then Became an Animated tale about Steam Engines who live on the Island Of Sodor With The Fat Controller who owns sodor Railway and Runs it. Thomas Is a Cheeky engine and often causes mischief, but to all Children Everywhere he is a great engine and is no.1 on the whole Railway, The Tv Series built up 4 seasons based on the books By Wilbert Awdry and then Some by his son Christopher Awdy who Created and published the Last 14 books of the Railways series which made a Total of 40 Books based on Wilbert awdrys Great engines, and some ideas Came From Christopher who Had though up The Engine Ivo Hug in Railway Series book 40 "New Little Engine".
Thomas The Tank Engine, The Railway Series, Characters and Trademarks are all the property of thier Rightful and Respective Owners, The Railway Series will Live on in the live of many Children who still watch it to this day, no matter how old they are, Thomas will always be Number 1 on our Tv Screens.
To Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Thomas and Friends, a New book is beeing publsihed called "The Sodor Handbook" which conmtains info and data on all:
And Railways
It is said to be the greatest book ever made, and it will be released Before May 2005. Click the link Below to Find Copies of This book now.

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The Island Of Sodor Fan Site is No Way Owned Or Endorsed By HIT Entertainment LTD, Thomas The Tank Engine, The Railway Series, Characters and Trademarks are all the Lawful Property of thier Rightful and Respective Owners. All Rights Reserved.