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Here is a little about me and why i like Thomas so much.

My Name is Daniel David Snell, David is my also my Dad's name and i was Named after him, i am 17 and have always been a fan of Thomas when it first came into light, I own a huge collection of Thomas merchandise and often get Reffered to as "The Thomas Collector".
As a Thomas Fan i have had a big obsession with Building Fan sites, i made tons of Fan Sites in 2000 and Used to be a Member Of SIF, i do miss not being on SoDoR IslaNd FoRuMs, But i hope that someday i can rejoin them again.
Im my spare time i am often found up in the Garden shed, doing what Exactly, Building a Model Railway based on British Outline, my Fave locos from the 1950s and have quite i big Collection of Hornby and Bachmann UK models which i run on the layout pulling all sorts of Rollingstock, coaches, freight e.t.c.
I own my own forum which is now a Thomas Fan Forum for anybody to join, over the past months i had problems with Hackers and Spammer mesing everything up, i even had no choice but to Elimiante this somebody form the forum, i blame myself really for letting him join, but he is no toruble now seeing as he was banned again. Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends will always live on in my heart, even though i am coming up to my 18th birthday, i will still Enjoy watching Thomas and Collecting each new Video/DVD that comes out, including the New Hornby Thomas Range this year and in all the other years to come.
I like Building Model kits, and making some of them into models Hornby and Bachmann never even thought about making, coming up in the OO works at the moment i will be working on Derek the Diesel as soon as my locla model dealer can get one in. :)
Well, that's all about me, more info will come up soon as possible, or you can e-mail me and talk in E-mail.
AOL users can contact me via I.M. at this Adress: MurdochEngine.

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